For each email you set up, you will need to decide when it should be sent to your guests.

The settings shown will depend on the type of email you're working on. First let's look at the settings that are shown for all email types:

  • Define the time frame you want the emails to be sent over

  • Exclude specific email addresses and/or email domains from receiving this email. Note that this is in addition to the entries listed under Emails > Global exclusions.

Sending for pre-stay upsell and information emails

Use the slider to determine when the email should be sent to the guest at the earliest and latest.

For example, if you want the email to be sent to the guest 3 days prior to arrival at the earliest, but also 2 and 1 days prior to arrival in case of last-minute bookings:

Sending for pre-stay reservation confirmation emails

The idea of the reservation confirmation email is that it should be sent as soon as possible, so simply leave this setting on "Same day":

Please note that the rate at which we receive reservation data varies from integration to integration, so in some cases it might not make sense to use GuestJoy's reservation confirmation email. For example if we only receive data once per day, it might not make sense. Please ask us if you are unsure.

Sending for during-stay emails

You will need to specify who should receive the email based on length of stay, and on which day of their stay should guests receive the email (the time of day the email is sent also becomes important):

For example, the settings for sending an email to a guest after they have likely checked-in:

Sending a during-stay feedback email only to guests who are staying for 3 nights or more; sent the email after their first night at the property:

Sending for post-stay feedback and information emails

You will need to determine if the email should be sent on the date of departure, or how many days after:

Note that if you want to send the feedback email on the date of departure, make sure you adjust the email send time so that it will only be sent after the guest will have checked-out!

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