We've made four small but useful changes in August:

Guest orders can now be automatically confirmed

This change is particularly useful for customers using live room availability for room upgrades.

Under normal circumstances, guest orders need to be confirmed by going to Guest activity > Orders:

However, in the case of room upgrades based on live availability, the inevitable delay between when the guest places their order, to when it gets confirmed might mean that the room is no longer available.

To avoid this, we have added a new option that allows for selected offers to be confirmed automatically. Find it under the Advanced tab:

Email analytics: New breakdown by email domain

In order to help you better understand email performance and effectiveness, we have added a new tab called Domain breakdown under Analytics > Emails:

Note that you are seeing the statistics for all of your emails at once.

We now mark when an email was sent manually

To reduce any confusion about whether an email was sent automatically as per your schedule rules, or if it was sent manually by a user, we now mark when an email was sent manually:

In addition, when an email is sent manually, we now log which user sent it on the Activity timeline:

New: Video tutorials page

We have developed tutorial and overview videos for all parts of the system!

This can be useful to help you improve your use of the system, to help educate a new staff member about GuestJoy, and more!

Access this page from the link in the top right of the page:

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