There is a new option available to customers using Mews that will allow guests to provide their credit card details on GuestJoy's check-in form, and automatically have those details sent to the relevant reservation in Mews.


This is securely facilitated by the third part provider PCI Proxy, which GuestJoy is now integrated with.

To enable this feature in GuestJoy

Contact us

The first step is to contact us to activate PCI Proxy in your system, because at this stage we have not yet provided the means for regular users to do this themselves in the interface. In future this will be changed.

Add the payment question to your check-in form

Go to Check-in > Check-in form and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the Add question button in the Payment section:

Now configure your payment question; below is an example and explanation of the functionality:

  1. The title of the payment question

  2. Question text. Here, you may want to inform the guest of how their credit card details are going to be used, eg. charging for incidentals, pre-authorisation, etc

  3. This option means the guest cannot submit the check-in form without having provided their card details

  4. Don't forget to click Save changes when you're done

How this looks for your guest:

Where the data ends up in Mews:

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