If your property has started using TablePath, this article includes all the information you may require to set things up.

Building a booking link to put in a GuestJoy email

If you are going to include a link in your pre-arrival emails to redirect your guest to book their dining, you will need to build that link.

TablePath will have provided you with the first part of the link, for example:


What you need to add to this link is usually referred to as a "merge code" by TablePath; in the GuestJoy world, this is just our tags that we put into emails, such as {{guest.first_name}} 🙂

The tag you need is the HotSoft booking number. The corresponding tag for that data is {{guest.reservation.id}}

Therefore, your full URL will look like this:


Making your link look professional

It's important to not simply paste the link into your email - this looks ugly and will likely confuse less technically-inclined guests. For example:

It's better to make your link look more professional by adding it as a call to action. Remember that a CTA should never be more than 3 or 4 words long. You can apply formatting to make it stand out.

Here's how to do it.

  • Type and format your CTA first:

As you can see, we made the text a little bigger than the paragraph text and made it bold to make it stand out more.

  • Highlight the CTA text and click the link button:

  • Paste your link into the box and click OK:

You now have a nicely-formatted link in your email 💪

Other tags you might need

Other tags that you may need include:

Date of arrival


Date of departure


Guest first name


Guest last name


Guest full name


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