Using this collection of videos, you can get a good understanding of GuestJoy, its features, and how everything works.


General videos

Check-in module

Upsell module

Feedback module

General videos

GuestJoy: General overview

What is GuestJoy, and what does it do for your property, in 90 seconds.

Scheduled emails

Find about about the core of GuestJoy - Scheduled Emails - which are designed to be sent automatically to your guests at the times you specify.


Find out how Announcements work, and some good examples of situations where they can be very useful to have!

Adding yourself as a guest

So that you can test the system and see it as guests will see it, this short video describes how you can add a test reservation to GuestJoy.

General system setup

This video will quickly take you through the most common settings you will need to adjust when setting up GuestJoy.

Analytics: Overview

Find out about the different stats and reports you can get out of GuestJoy to help assess how well the system is performing.

Check-in module


In 90 seconds, learn about the other config you need to do other than just setting up your form!

Creating your check-in form

Creating your check-in form is simple! But this video will show you some useful tips and tricks you will probably want to use, so check it out.

Card payments

This video gives you an overview of how you can collect guest's credit card details during check-in, and charge them where necessary.

Deciding on a workflow

When is the best time to send the check-in email? Are you sending too many emails? Can a reminder email be sent to guests who didn't check in after receiving the first email? Answers to these questions and more advice on deciding on your check-in workflow await you in this video.

Upsell module

Concierge page overview

See how upselling works in GuestJoy from your guest's perspective, and learn all the information and functionality featured in GuestJoy's Concierge page.

Offers and room upgrades

Learn about the setting up of offers and room upgrades

General setup

This video shows you everything that needs to be set up for the Upsell module other than your offers.

Deciding on a workflow

Hints and tips about upsell emails - design, content, and timing - plus info on what happens when a guest places an order.

Feedback module


This video shows you all the settings that need to be configured for the Feedback module which aren't connected to the survey itself.

Creating your survey

More than just adding questions, this video will help you understand the best guidelines for creating an effective survey.

Deciding on a workflow

This video discusses the various options available to determine how the feedback module will work for you. How many emails should you send? When is the best time to send them? Which templates should I use, and what's the difference between them? And more.

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