As an official Tripadvisor partner, GuestJoy does not block (or filter) potential reviews. Instead, you can choose when a guest will be sent directly to Tripadvisor, and when they should see your custom survey first.

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How to change when your guest sees your survey first

To change this setting, go to Feedback > Settings > Survey status.

The default value is Show survey form for rating 3 and below, meaning that guests who rate their stay as 4 or 5 stars will skip your survey and go straight to Tripadvisor.

Guests who rated their stay 1, 2, or 3 stars will see your survey first, then be redirected to Tripadvisor.

You can change this setting if you wish, however we do recommend leaving it as it is.

Who is notified when a guest completes your survey?

You can change who gets notified (by email) when a survey is completed under Settings > Emails > Notifications > Feedback:

You can have more than one email address in this setting if you wish; just separate each address with a comma (no spaces required).

If this setting is empty, we will instead send the notification email to the address under the setting Settings > Emails > Hotel email address.

How can you see a guest's survey responses?

The easiest way to see a guest's responses in GuestJoy is go to Guest activity > Feedback.

From there, locate the guest you are looking for, and click their name. That will open their profile.

Click the Post-stay feedback tab to see the guest's responses to the survey:

How can you see all guest survey results?

Go to Analytics > Feedback > Survey tab to see an aggregation of all your guest surveys:

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