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Setting up your survey

When you're ready to start customising your survey, head to Feedback > Survey. This is where you will set up the questions that you want to have on your form.

Form basics

To rearrange the questions

Simply drag and drop a question to change the order.

To delete a question

Click the question's Edit button, and then click the Delete button at the bottom of the page.

Adding new questions

Once you're ready to start adding your own questions to the survey, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Add question button.

Choosing the type of question

You will see a dialogue with all the question types available to add:

Each question type gives an example of the best way to use it.

Customising the question

Once you have added the question, you will need to customise it. For the purpose of this example, we'll use a dropdown.

  1. There will be a tab for each active language in your system. You will need to enter your Question text (2) in each of the active languages. If you don't enter a translation for a particular language, then your guest will see whichever language you have chosen as the default language in your system (defined under Settings > General > Localisation > Default language).

  2. This is where you will type the question text.

  3. This is the part of the question that will vary depending on the type of question you have added. In the case of our dropdown example, this is where we will add the answers that the guest can choose from in the dropdown box. Click the Add choice button to add your first option, and repeat the process for each additional option you require. Note that some question types do not have any configurable options.

  4. Once you're done, click the Save changes button.

  5. Click the Back button to return to the entire survey.

Customising the welcome, Tripadvisor, and confirmation screens

When the guest clicks/taps your call to action in your feedback email, the first screen they will see is the welcome screen:

Depending on your system configuration, guests will either see your survey next, then the Tripadvisor review page, or be sent directly to the Tripadvisor review page. Either way, the Tripadvisor review page looks like this:

And, once the guest submits their review(s) they will also see a confirmation screen.

The messages on these screens are customisable, and you will also need to add your property's logo as well.

To modify the welcome/Tripadvisor/completion messages

Go to Feedback > Settings, and there you will see the welcome and completion message boxes in each language you have active in GuestJoy:

  1. This is where you can customise the welcome and completion messages

  2. This is where you can customise the Tripadvisor review message

To add your property's logo to GuestJoy

Go to Settings > General and scroll down to Appearance. There, you can upload your property's image; please be sure to follow the guidelines stated when uploading your logo.

Testing the survey

Once you've customised the above, it's time to test the form and see what it will look like for guests.

  1. Go to Guests > Add guest

  2. Fill in the reservation details and click the Add guest button at the bottom of the page

  3. The reservation you just created is immediately loaded. From there, click the More icon (3 dots) in the top left of the guest details panel, and choose Post-stay feedback. From there, you can rate your stay, and test that your survey looks as you expected it to.

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