The Feedback module has been updated to use the same back- and front-ends as the Check-in module.

All existing surveys have been migrated to the new environment, however, there is new functionality that you should update, which we'll outline in this article.

Survey now supports drag and drop 🥳

New question type: multi-select

You can now have multi-select answers using checkboxes:

During-stay feedback list now available

Previously, any comments left by guests with during-stay feedback were only visible in their profiles. Now, all during-stay feedback is visible under Guest activity > Feedback by selecting the new tab:

Rating questions: Stars now an option

You can now elect to use stars for rating questions instead of smiley faces:

This is an option in the setup of the question:

Welcome screen and end screen

Just like with the check-in form, there is now a welcome screen and end screen for the survey:

These messages can be configured by going to Feedback > Settings > Localisation.

Intro text for Tripadvisor survey

There is now a customisable message that appears above the Tripadvisor survey:

These messages can be configured by going to Feedback > Settings > Review widget description.

Don't forget: Your property's logo

Don't forget to upload your property's logo if you have no already done so, as it will be featured on the feedback screens:

You can add your property's logo under Settings > General > Appearance.

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