As an interim step in extending the functionality available with the check-in form, we have added the following features and modifications as of April 2021.

✍ Terms & conditions and signature now available per guest

We have made this change to the system to accommodate new jurisdictions where all guests are required to agree to terms and conditions, as well as digitally sign the form.

All existing customers have had their forms migrated to this new approach and, in essence, do not need to take any action (unless you would like to start having accompanying guests agree to terms and also sign!

📂 Greater control over file uploads

Previously, the file upload question type only allowed JPG and PNG files. Now you have the ability to specify additional file formats, and also to restrict the number of files able to be uploaded per question to just 1.

  1. Make it mandatory for a file to be uploaded

  2. Check to allow more than one file to be uploaded on a single question; uncheck to limit to 1 only

  3. Choose which file formats are acceptable to upload

🎨 Styling changes, including your logo

The styling of the form has been changed also.

Check-in Welcome Page

  1. Your hotel's logo can now appear at the top of the page. To enable this, upload your hotel's logo by going to Settings > General > Appearance. Note the strict guidelines for uploading your logo; if you have any difficulties or questions, please get in touch and we will help out!

  2. Welcome message: You now have a place where you can enter a welcome message for your guest. This can also be useful if you want to include specific information, for example "Please ensure that you have passports or IDs for all guests ready!". This message can be configured by navigating to Check-in > Settings > Welcome message.

  3. The dates of arrival and departure now appear on the welcome page. This means that there is no reason to display these two fields in your check-in form, and as such they have been automatically removed.

  4. The background colour of the form, instead of being white, now automatically adopts the "light" version of your main accent colour (set in Settings > General > Appearance).

Check-in Completion Page

We have added new features to the confirmation page (which merely used to say "Done!" and nothing else, which wasn't that interesting or useful):

  1. You can now have a Check-in Completion message displayed. Customise this message by going to Check-in > Settings. This could be useful if you wanted to provide your guest with specific instructions; for example "Thanks for checking in! Don't forget to collect your room key from the reception desk when you get here."

  2. If you use GuestJoy's Upsell module, a button will appear that will lead the guest to see all your offers. Alternatively, you can automatically send the guest to the Concierge after they complete their check-in by activating the setting Redirect to the concierge after successful check-in, which you can find under Check-in > Settings

📬 Check-in confirmation email

In the same way that we have an order confirmation email, there is now a check-in confirmation email that is sent to the guest when their data is successfully received:

You are able to edit the subject line and add an initial message to the email (highlighted above) by navigating to Check-in > Settings > Confirmation email tab.

💾 Auto-save check-in form progress

We have now added auto-save to the form, so if for any reason the guest leaves the form and returns to it later, their progress will be saved and they won't be presented with a blank form.

The guest will see a screen like the following, which will tell them which guests still have details that need to be completed:

Only once all required sections have been completed can the check-in form be submitted.

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