When a guest completes your check-in form, this information is now available as a PDF file.

This is a great option if we only have a 1-way integration with your PMS; you can print the form and your guest can sign it upon their arrival (particularly useful if a digital signature is not allowed in your jurisdiction).

Even if you have a 2-way integration, we know that in some jurisdictions that a paper copy of the form is still required, so that might help you as well.

Where can the form be accessed?

We've made it very easy to access the PDF file. You will find it:

  • Attached to the email sent to your property when check-in details are submitted

  • From the list of check-in forms via Guest activity > Check-ins

  • From an individual guest's profile in GuestJoy

In the example above, you can see that there is a new Actions column in the check-in list. When you hover your mouse over a row, you can see the Open PDF button.

Frequently asked questions

Can the form's design be modified?

No. The form is designed to be neutral enough so that it can be used in any property. However, in the near future, GuestJoy will support the uploading of your property's logo as a system setting, and we intend for this logo to appear at the top of the form.

What if my check-in form already has the digital signature active? Will guests still need to sign the printed form?

No. We have built in some logic so that if you do have the digital signature active, then the physical signature section of the form will not be included in the PDF.

If you do not have the digital signature active, then the physical signature section will be included in the PDF.

Depending on your current configuration and your business requirements, this might mean you will need to change how your check-in form is currently configured.

What will happen to images on the form (eg. passport scans)?

Any images on your form will be resized appropriately to fit A4 portrait paper. This includes ID/passport images and digital signature images.

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