Most of these settings are "set and forget" and you won't need to visit this page often.

Settings tab

Concierge items active

This is where you can turn on or off the various features of the Concierge.

Chat URL

This is where you can specify the link to the chat platform you want to use in conjunction with GuestJoy. Most commonly used here is Facebook chat with your property, however there are many other possibilities to use here, such as WhatsApp.

Contact support if you want to use WhatsApp or any other chat platform.

Loyalty URL

This is the URL to sign up to your property's loyalty program. This is used in conjunction with a loyalty offer in the Concierge.


Viator shows activities from TripAdvisor in the area around your property:

If guests are interested and click Read more, there is further information about the activity, and a link to then open the activity in TripAdvisor and book it.

If you have a Tourdesk account, use that option instead. You will need enter your Tourdesk API key, and then Tourdesk activities will be visible in the Concierge:

Note: Tourdesk activities are only synchronised once per week (on Sundays), so after adding your Tourdesk account the activities will not be visible until the following Monday.

Order Confirmation Email tab

This is where you can customise the text of the email guests receive after they place an order.

Note that the text you enter here will be followed by the details of the guest's order, along with the image of the offer.

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