There are many settings available to further control your offers.

Open an offer or room upgrade and click the Advanced tab:

When is the offer available

These settings allow you to control offer availability.

First, you can control which days of the week the offer can been ordered for.

Then you can also apply an active date range for the offer.

This can be useful for promotional, seasonal, limited time, or one-off times, such as Valentine's Day offers.

It also means that you can setup offers in advance, add an Offer active from date, and it will be available for the right guests at the right time.

If the date fields are both empty, then this offer will be visible all the time.

Offer workflows

Redirect URL & "Don't send email" option

When a guest clicks the "Order" button, they can then continue browsing your Concierge.

However, in some cases, you might not want that to happen.

For example, you might want your guest to be sent to an external website; perhaps a spa treatment booking page - or anything - tours, restaurant, rentals, etc.

In that case, simply copy and paste the URL to that external page, and when the guest clicks the order button they will be sent to that URL.

The option Don't send the confirmation email to the guest option ties in with this.

If the guest hasn't actually made a purchase yet, then it doesn't make sense to send them GuestJoy's "Your order request has been sent" email, so use this setting to prevent it from being sent.

Order request email

When a guest orders something, your property will be notified by email of this.

By default, all order request emails will be sent to the main hotel email address, which is located under Settings > Emails.

However, below this setting is a section called Notifications. There, you may also have an alternate address (or even addresses) where you want these emails to be sent.

But, on a per offer basis, you can specify the address(es) you want the email to be sent to.

A common example of this is say your offer was for the restaurant; you'd rather notifications for this offer go to the restaurant email address, but all other notifications can just obey the rules you have under Settings > Emails.

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