If you are a Cloudbeds user, there is an extra step required when creating offers in GuestJoy. That step is to map your GuestJoy offers to their matching products in Cloudbeds, so that when a guest orders something, the appropriate charge can be added to the guest's account in Cloudbeds.

Step one: Ensure an applicable tax is created in Cloudbeds

In the unlikely event that a tax is not configured in Cloudbeds, you will need to create one to be added to the offer price in accordance with the practices in your country.

To do this, go to Manage > Property Configuration > Taxes and Fees to add one:

Step two: Map your GuestJoy offer to its equivalent in Cloudbeds

While editing your offer, you will need to make sure that you go to the Advanced tab:

From there, scroll to the bottom where you will see the Two-way integration box:

Click the Get offers from PMS button and wait for a few seconds as the content is updated. You will then be able to open the drop down box and choose the corresponding product in Cloudbeds:

Once your GuestJoy offer is mapped, the tax from step one will be applied in Cloudbeds when a guest places an order.

If you do not have a corresponding product in Cloudbeds, you will need to create one.

If you do not map a GuestJoy offer to a product in Cloudbeds, any orders placed will be entered as custom items in Cloudbeds.

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