Without a doubt, Valentine's Day is a time to capitalise on the experiences that guests will want when they stay with you. Read on for our recommended offers, as well as tips about how to use GuestJoy to your advantage!

🔧 How to set up GuestJoy for Valentine's Day

📅 Setting up your offers just for Valentine's Day

Obviously, you want to make sure that the offers you present are only going to be shown to guests staying with you for Valentine's Day.

To do this, for each temporary offer you add, make sure you go to the Advanced tab and set your desired date range:

👀 Make sure your offers will be visible in upsell emails

You want your Valentine's Day offers visible in your pre-arrival upsell emails! To do this, make sure that you change the order of your offers and make your Valentine's Day offer(s) the first ones in your offer list under Upsell > Offers:

This way, the guests who are staying with you during the active date range will see your Valentine's Day offers, and guests who aren't staying with you during that date range will see your regular offers:

It's automagic! ✨

🎁 The best ideas for Valentine's Day offers

Have a look at our recommended offers that you could have for Valentine's Day:

Champagne on arrival

This is one of the simplest offers you can have any time, not just Valentine's Day; but naturally your guests will gravitate towards it during their romantic stay.

Naturally, you can swap Champagne for anything you like; Prosecco or Cava are the modern choices, or you might even offer cocktails.

Late check-out

In 2021, February 14 is a Sunday. This means you might have a mix of guests who stay for Valentine's Day Saturday > Sunday, and Sunday > Monday.

Either way, you most likely have lower occupancy right now, so why not make that extra revenue from late check-outs?

Romantic dinner

If you have a restaurant, no doubt you have something special planned for the 14th. Get your offer out to your guests in advance so that you can get a better idea of numbers on the night.

You can be as creative as you like; for example, you could include something like "Free glasses of house wine when you book this dinner!" or something to that effect.

Packages! Packages! Packages!

Packages always do well, but Valentine's Day is a universal celebration occasion, so you will sell a lot of them for these guests.

I strongly recommend creating a surprise package so that your guests have the chance to spoil their loved one.

You don't need to be super-creative either; as long as you have 3 things or more, and price it well, guests will be falling over themselves to order.

Some recommended package items:

  • Liquids: Bottle of wine, Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, anything!

  • Solids: Chocolates, chocolate-dipped strawberries, fruit platter, gift hamper, desserts from your restaurant, cheese board, cake, cupcakes

  • Room additions: Rose petals on the bed, flowers, candles, balloons (heart-shaped, of course!), late check-out

  • Finishing touches: Hand-written note (in the offer description, ask the guest to give you the text for the note in the Remarks field), heart decorations sprinkled around the room (this is what I mean)

Just choose 3 of those, and you have a package! It's as easy as that 🙂

What else can you think of to include in your packages? 🤔

📣 Using Announcements for Valentine's Day

Announcements become even more useful around Valentine's Day.

You can send announcement emails to your guests letting them know about:

  • Special Valentine's Day things at your property

  • Other offers that aren't in GuestJoy

  • Advertise your special Valentine's Day menu

  • Anything else you can think of!

📆 Selecting the right date range

When configuring your announcement, it's probably most appropriate to use the At property option, and then enter your desired date range:

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