If you have certain guests who stay at your property frequently (for example, a business traveller), and you don't want some or all GuestJoy emails, read on to find out how to set this up.

Preventing a guest from receiving only specific emails

If you want a guest to receive some emails but not others, you can exclude a guest on a per-email basis.

For example, your regular guest might like receiving the upsell email because they do like to order extras, but you don't want to bother them every stay with a feedback email.

To do this, open the email you don't want them to receive, and click the Sending rules tab:

On the right hand side, you will see two fields for exclusions:

In the first field, you can enter specific email addresses (ie. the guest always books with the same email address).

In the second field, you can enter an entire domain, so that no email addresses from that domain will be sent this GuestJoy email.

To prevent all emails being sent to a guest

If you want to prevent any GuestJoy emails being sent, instead, follow these steps.

Start by going to Emails > Global exclusions:

Here you can prevent emails being sent in a few different ways. The first field allows you to enter individual addresses and entire domains in one.

The other fields shown will vary based on your PMS. In this example, you can see that you are able to prevent emails being sent when the Company field equals the value you enter.

Finally, you can prevent emails being sent to certain Room types. This is useful if, for example, your PMS contains reservations that are not for accommodation; for example, conference attendees, which are booked under the conference room type.

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