You have full control over who should have a user profile for your property. To see existing users, go to Settings > Users.

Adding a new user

Click the Add user button. A dialogue will appear:

Enter the user's email address and click Add. The user will receive an email with a link that will allow them to set their account password.

The user can then log in to the system from

If you have access to multiple properties in GuestJoy

When you add a new user, that user will only have access to the property you had open when you added them.

So if, for example, you have 3 properties, and you new user should be able to access all 3 of them, you will need to open each property and add them as a user (the user will only receive one activation email).

Resetting a user's password

You'll note the Reset password option in the user list. If a user tells you they have forgotten their password, clicking Reset password will send them a password reset email.

Note that users can also send themselves this email from the log in page:

Removing a user

If a user should no longer have access to a property, click the Remove user option.

Note that you are removing and not deleting the user; this means that, as with adding a new user, you are only removing the user from the current property.

You will need to open each property you have access to and remove the user from each property as required.

If you want a user completely deleted from GuestJoy, please send a request to, or start a chat in the app.

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