When a guest submits the check-in form, the first thing that will happen is that your property will receive an email letting you know that this has occurred.

To change who gets this email

Go to Settings > Emails > Notifications > Check-in messages:

In that field, enter the email address you want to receive the notifications. If you want to have multiple addresses, just separate them with a comma (no space required).

Where you can see the check-in data

You can see all the guests who have sent the check-in form by going to Guest activities > Check-ins.

From there, click on a guest's name. You will be taken to their profile page; click on the Check-in tab, and you will see all the contents of the form, including signature and document images (if you're using them).

If we have a 2-way integration with your PMS

If your PMS is one of the ones that we currently have a 2-way integration with, the information collected from GuestJoy's check-in form will also find its way to back to it and update the reservation there.

However, every integration has its own specifications, and how things get updated (as well as what is updated!) changes from one to the next.

Customers using Godo

See how the 2-way integration works with Godo here.

Customers using Cloudbeds

See how the 2-way integration works with Cloudbeds here.

Customers using Guestline

See how the 2-way integration works with Guestline here.

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