Broadly speaking, there are two types of questions you can add to the check-in form; these are preset questions and custom questions.

Preset questions are the ones connected to your PMS (when we have a 2-way integration with your PMS). These fields will be updated in your PMS when a guest submits their data. Note that the fields that are valid for updating vary by PMS.

Custom questions allow you to create your own questions based on the answer type you need.

The following is a list of all question types and examples of what they look like.

Preset questions

✍ First name and Last name

These questions are specially designated so that they map to the equivalent fields in your PMS. Therefore, these special questions should always be used for guest names.

📧 Email address

As with first and last name, this question is specifically mapped to the email address field in your PMS, so should always be used when you need it for that purpose.

This field also contains validation rules, to ensure that the guest has entered a valid email address

👉 Pro tip: Asking for a guest to confirm their email address can be a great way to get their personal email address if they booked via an OTA!

📞 Phone number

Again, this question is mapped to phone number in your PMS, so always use this instead of creating your own question.

🛂 Nationality and Country

These fields are also tied to the relevant fields in your PMS.

📆 Arrival and departure dates

You'll notice that these two fields are read-only, as they are populated from the reservation data.

👶 Date of birth

As well as being linked to the relevant field in your PMS (where present), there are two other things to note about the date of birth field:

  • Validation rule: The date can only be in the past

  • Display style: This date field is shown as 3 separate dropdown boxes, whereas all other dates are pop-up calendar pickers; this is to help minimise the amount of clicks/taps required to enter the date.

📸 Document copy

Allows your guest to provide a copy of the passport or ID.

When the guest is using a computer, they can only select an existing file. But when using a smart device with a camera, they will have the option of taking a new photo or selecting an existing one.

✍ Signature

The guest can sign the form using their mouse, or if using their smart device, their finger.

Note that the signature question is automatically the last stage of the form.

Custom questions


Lets you create a question with the answer type being a free text field.


Allows you to collect an email address which is not connected to any email address fields in your PMS. Features the same validation to ensure a correctly-formatted email address is entered.


Allows you to add a question where the answer should be a date.

You can specify if the available dates should be

  • Only future dates,

  • Only past dates, or

  • All dates

Allows you to add a question with multiple options for the answer.


Allows you to add a question with multiple choices to be selected for the answer.

Radio buttons

This is fundamentally the same as a dropdown, except the choices are always visible. Useful for yes/no questions, or questions with two or three answers.

Terms and conditions

Allows you to literally copy and paste your property's terms and conditions (or similar information). This information is presented to the guest whereby they must read through it and agree to them.

Note that terms will always be a separate stage of the check-in form.

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