From now on, whenever you change the status of an order (on the page Guest activity > Orders), an email will now be sent to the guest, informing them that their order has been confirmed or cancelled.


The intent of these emails is to give the guest a short, "official" transactional email about the status of their order.

We still strongly recommend providing the "human" interaction with your guests by replying to the order notification email that you receive when the guest initially orders.

Remember that when you reply to that email, it goes directly back to the guest, allowing you to have a dialogue with them as required.

Some points about the emails:

  • At present, the content of these emails is not able to be modified

  • The emails are translated into all 21 languages currently supported by GuestJoy

  • The cancel and confirm emails will only be sent once each per guest. This means that if you initially mark an order as confirmed, the confirmation email will be sent. If you then change the status to cancelled, the cancellation email will be sent. However, any further changes to the status of that offer will not trigger any more emails to be sent.

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