You will need to purchase a tablet device for the setup.

How you physically set up your check-in kiosk is largely arbitrary according to the nature and setup of your property; however we do have some recommendations on what we consider to be best practice.

Physically, you might place the device on the counter of your front desk, or you might elect to purchase a standalone, secure stand to house it.

The majority of GuestJoy’s testing was completed on iOS tablets. We generally recommend using an iPad of some description, because there are many options for securely housing these devices due to their popularity.

An Android-based device will be just as effective, provided its software is all up to date.

Both iOS and Android devices have apps available that will lock them down in a “Kiosk mode”, preventing guests from using the tablet for anything else.

🔒 Securing your device

Whether you choose to position the device on a benchtop or in its own stand, we recommend purchasing a secure housing for it. We bought and tested the following devices and found them to be satisfactory:

Desk stand: Amazon link

Floor stand: Amazon link

Remember that the device will need a permanent AC power source.

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