The actual set up and use of the feature will vary slightly from property to property.

We will do our best to point out where functionality can vary, dependent on your needs.

When the guest arrives at your property, the first thing they will need to do is search for their reservation.

You are able to determine how the guest should be able to search for their reservation. Choose from being able to search by:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • Reservation number

In the case of the reservation number, note that this can easily be included in GuestJoy pre-arrival emails, so that it’s quick and easy for the guest to have it on hand.

🔒 Data security

A guest may only search for reservations where the date of arrival is today’s date.

📝 Checking in

After finding their reservation, the guest will then go through the check-in process. This step is the one that might vary the most from property to property.

In the case where the guest already completed GuestJoy’s pre-check-in form prior to arrival, (or it is not in use), the guest be taken to the final check-in page automatically.

If the guest has not completed the form, they will need to complete it, as per usual.

In some circumstances there could be multiple reservations (possibly even with the same name), in which case a guest will need to repeat the process.

If your property is distributing door codes via the kiosk check-in, the guest’s door code will be displayed on the final step.

❓ If a guest cannot find their reservation

We recommend providing signage beside the kiosk informing the guest what they should do if they cannot find their reservation, eg. call a phone number, go to reception, etc.

In the second iteration of the kiosk, we will likely provide “built-in” messaging, meaning that you will be able to include such directions on certain pages in the kiosk process, such as when a guest cannot find their reservation.

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