There may be some situations where you don't want GuestJoy emails to be sent to a guest.

The steps to take to enable this depend on whether emails should not be sent just for this stay, or permanently.

To prevent emails being sent for just one stay

Go to Guests > Guest list and locate the guest's reservation.

Then, click the Unsubscribe icon:

Note that once you unsubscribe the guest, they will disappear from the guest list, as they are not able to be emailed anymore.

In order to see all guests, including those that are unsubscribed (and cancelled, duplicates, etc), toggle the switch at the top of the page:

Then you will be able to see all reservations, including unsubscribed:

To prevent emails being sent permanently

There are two options here.

The first is you can add the guest's email address under Emails > Global exclusions:

The second option is that in every email a guest receives, naturally there is an unsubscribe link that they can click:

This is the equivalent of putting a guest on a blacklist in GuestJoy.

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