This article aims to clearly summarise the breadth of functionality available to customers using Cloudbeds and GuestJoy.


GuestJoy receives a full update of reservations once per day - this includes changes to reservations and guest data.

Hourly, at approximately 10 minutes past the hour, GuestJoy will receive updates to reservation details only. This includes things like date changes, status changes, cancellations, etc.

This should mean that guest data in GuestJoy is as up-to-date as possible, preventing unwanted situations where, for example, a guest has cancelled their reservation, but they are still sent a pre-arrival email because GuestJoy had not yet received that update.


Guests are able to complete GuestJoy's check-in form, which then updates the reservation in Cloudbeds (and ultimately in GuestJoy, once the next batch of reservations updates are sent from CloudBeds).

As of July 2021, the following data fields in Cloudbeds can be modified via a guest completing the GuestJoy check-in form:

  • First name*

  • Last name*

  • Email address*

  • Phone

  • Country*

  • Date of birth

The fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be present on the GuestJoy check-in form, or else the entire process will not work.

In future developments, it is planned that more Cloudbeds fields will be available for updating, eg. Address.

What happens to the data collected in other fields on the GuestJoy check-in form

Any of the extra fields a customer opts to have on their check-in form will still make it back to Cloudbeds (as well as GuestJoy). In fact, all the check-in data is inserted to Reservation > Guest Details > Guest notes:

As of July 2021, the images collected during check-in (document photo, signature, etc.) appear only as links in the Guest notes section of Cloudbeds (note that they are instantly accessible in the guest's profile page in GuestJoy).

These links can be copied and pasted into a browser window and accessed immediately.

As with previous comments, our intent is to have the actual image files appear under Reservation > Documents.

Guest orders

When a guest places an order via GuestJoy's Concierge, that order is sent to Cloudbeds as a line item under Reservation > Folio:

Limitations & notes

  • When the guest orders something in GuestJoy, the update is recorded in Cloudbeds very quickly - <10 seconds.

  • The charge is entered in the folio without the need for a staff member to mark the order as either confirmed or cancelled in GuestJoy under Guest activity > Orders

  • If a staff member marks the order as cancelled in GuestJoy, at this stage, the line item is not updated in Cloudbeds. This currently needs to be done manually.

  • Quantities are not observed by Cloudbeds. For example, in the order above, 3 bottles of wine were ordered, for a total price of 75. However in Cloudbeds, the quantity will always be shown as 1 with the total price of the order, rather than separate line items.

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