As more of you start reopening, you'll no doubt be pleased to see some of these great new features and functionality!

User management: It's your thing now 👱‍♀️👨👨‍🦱👩

Gone are the days of asking support to add and remove users for you. You can now modify users without relying on us!

Simply go to Settings > Users:

  • If you add a completely new user, they will receive an email prompting them to set a password for their profile.

  • If you add a user that already exists (i.e. They are in the same chain), they will get permission to see the current property.

  • You can send a password reset email to a user.

  • You can remove a user from this property.

  • Currently, there are no differing levels of access for users. We will be adding roles in the future, which will include having the ability to manage users.

Calendar entries in Gmail 📆

Did you know? Gmail is by far the most common email provider that guests use in GuestJoy. In fact, the number of guests who use Gmail is 5 times bigger than the next nearest provider (Hotmail)!

As such, we decided to add some extra functionality to pre-arrival emails to make good use of Gmail's extra features.

Please note - only works if...

This setting only works if you are using GuestJoy's email address for sending emails, as per Settings > Emails:

What does the new functionality look like? Well, first of all, guests will clearly see summary information at the top of the email, just like they now see for things like flights:

Also, when editing pre-arrival emails, you will find a new option on the Sending rules tab:

As it says, it automatically adds a calendar entry to the guest's Google calendar:

Please note that this setting is switched on by default. You can turn it off if you like.

Improvements to searching the guest list 🔍

You now have more options for finding guests in the guest list. Start by clicking the More button, and you will see the following:

  1. Click the More button to show the additional options

  2. Search for text in a reservation - any text - like name, email, reservation ID, etc

  3. Turn this setting off to include reservations with no email address

  4. Turn this setting off to include guests who have unsubscribed

  5. Turn this setting off to include reservations with status other than "Confirmed"

Quick access to concierge, check-in, and survey as a guest ⚡

Whether you are testing the system or doing something else with a reservation, we now have a magic button to help make things faster:

As you can see, you can choose to open the Concierge, check-in form, or give a survey rating, without needing to send the email first. Very handy for testing the system!

Check-in form: Big things are coming 🎁

You might have noticed that visually, the check-in form looks a little different. Nothing dramatic, just... different.

This is because we are working on a huge expansion of functionality for the check-in form, including:

  • A revamped experience, where the guest will complete the form based on stages rather than one very long form

  • Addition of document/ID scanning (note: not OCR scanning)

  • Addition of digital signatures

  • Other hand question types, including the ability to add links to questions; think of it like acknowledging you have read the privacy policy

In the next round of changes after that, we will be integrating upsell and room upgrades into the check-in form, as well as the ability to accept payments.

Watch this space! 😀

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