How was the check-in process?

How was the comfort of your bed?

How was the breakfast?

These are all important questions to your property - but let's face it - they're as bland as steamed white rice 🍚

Read on to check out some of the best questions you can use in your feedback survey!

Should we contact you?

This is a question that should come at the end of your survey, but we simply had to list it first in this article.

Often overlooked, asking the guest straight out if they would like a human follow-up can be one of the most valuable things to your hotel's reputation.


Why did you stay with us?

Find out the real reason a guest chose your property and use that data in a meaningful way, such as adjusting your upsell/cross-sell offers.

The answers options that you include will depend heavily on the location of your property.


Nominate awesome staff!

When a guest has had a good experience, they will often like to sing the praises of the staff member(s) who made it possible.

Consider asking your guest if there were any standouts, and filter that information back to your team for great staff morale.


Don't forget to ask "Why"

Asking a question such as "How was the check-in experience?" and getting the guest to give you an answer on a scale of 5 is great for trending the performance of the check-in experience over time.

But what about the "why"?

If you ask a series of questions about various parts of the guest experience (i.e. Check-in/out, restaurant, breakfast, room condition etc), it might be an idea to allow the guest to tell you why they left the rating they did, so that you can pick up on any obvious issues.


Best and worst

A stay at your property is arguably about the room more than anything else; after all, it's the one part of your property that they are guaranteed to use!

Why not ask your guest about the best and worst part of it?


One more thing...

Remember that in most cases a guest will see your feedback survey because they didn't have a great experience.

For that reason, one of our strongest recommendations is to not make your survey too long!

We recommend between 5 to 10 questions at the most, otherwise the guest might feel that completing the survey is too much effort, and then you will get no information at all.

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