Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we saw a drop in the number of active users in GuestJoy - understandably.

So, since it might have been a while since you used the system, we thought it would be a good idea to provide you with a summary of the most significant changes that have been made. We've been busy!

New "Check-in" pre-stay email type

A new email type, where the call to action button will direct the guest to the Check-in form instead of the Concierge page.

After they submit their data, they will be redirected to the Concierge page where they can see your offers.

Concierge: Offers list now uses cards

We changed the layout of the Concierge offers list to make it easier to change the order of your offers, and see other key information:

  1. The offer category

  2. Icons will appear if the offer is marked as most popular (star icon), or has segmentation applied (filter icon)

  3. If you click here to disable the offer, it will be moved to the end of all offers

Guest list: More filter options added

The options now available are:

  • Show guests with email: Switched on by default. Switch off to show reservations that do not have a usable email address

  • Show subscribed guests: Switched on by default. Switch off to show guests that have unsubscribed to receiving your emails

  • Show only confirmed: Switch on by default. Switch off to show reservations where the status is not "confirmed"

Maximum report time frame extended

You can now generate a report for your property to a maximum duration of 365 days.

Reports can be generated by navigating to Analytics > Reports, and break down the performance of every part of GuestJoy (will only include features actively in use during the report period).

Note: Requesting reports for a long time duration take a while to generate; please be patient 🙂

Help content available on key pages

We have added great content right inside some key pages to help you make GuestJoy the best it can be for you.

For example, on the Offers page, you will find very helpful content - guides, articles, and FAQs - on the right hand side.

You will also see resources in the Dashboard. Similar content will soon be added to the Check-in form and Survey pages.

Add a guest manually > Open the profile page automatically

This change helps to make the testing of the system quicker.

When adding yourself as a guest under Guests > Add guests, after you save the guest, you will automatically be redirected to that guest's profile page, making it faster and easier to send yourself the desired emails manually and test the system.

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