We've added a new pre-stay email type, which is designed to encourage your guests to provide their check-in data prior to their arrival at your property.

This will be particularly useful to help reduce large numbers of people lining up waiting to check in, and thus reduce the possibility of virus transmission, as well as helping guests feel comfortable and confident with their stay at your property.

How the check-in email works

The check-in email contains no offers, and the call to action button redirects the guest to the check-in form.

How to add a check-in email in GuestJoy

Navigate to Emails > Scheduled emails, and click the Create button in the top left of the Pre-stay email section:

In the email type box, choose Check-in:

Next, customise the email as you usually would. We recommend using a clear message on your call to action button; for example, Submit your check-in details here.

Don't forget to go to the Sending rules tab to determine when you want the email to be sent.

Try to be mindful that sending too many emails to your guests might cause email fatigue, leading to a drop in open rates. Please feel free to reach out to support if you'd like to discuss the specific situation you have at your property.

Customising the check-in form

Of course, you will want to ensure you have customised the check-in form to capture all the information required at your property!

For information on how to do this, please read the relevant support article:

Testing your check-in form

In order to test that everything is set up correctly, you can test this whole process as if you were a guest. Follow these simple steps:

Step One
Navigate to Guests > Add guests. Here, you can add yourself as a guest. You only need to enter your name, email address, and arrival/departure dates for this test purpose.

Step Two
Click the Add guest button. After a short moment, you will be redirected to the guest profile page for the guest you just created:

As highlight above, locate your check-in email and click the Send email button to send the email manually. Note that the email does not need to be activated in order to send yourself the email manually.

Step Three
Locate the email in your inbox. Click on the call to action button and you will be presented with the check-in form. Add all your details and submit the form.

Step Four
You will see the results by navigating to Guest activity > Check-in forms:

Click on your name to open the guest profile page. The check-in data you provided will be listed in the Guest information panel:

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