If you want to test the system as a guest, or in case you need to enter a guest manually into the system, you can do so by going to Guests > Add guest.

  1. Add the guest details as required

  2. Click the Add guest button

Tip: If you want to simply test the system, you don't need to enter any details. Instead, click the Add guest button, and the system will add a reservation with your details automatically.

How to test your GuestJoy system

If you want to know if the way you've set up GuestJoy feels right, then you need to use the system as a guest, instead of an admin user!

Now that you've added yourself as a guest, you can test everything out. 

Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Guests > Guest list

  2. Find your name (or the name you added manually, if it was different)

  3. Click on the name to open the guest profile

  4. Click the Send email button for each of the respective emails you have created. They will then be sent to you, and you can interact with GuestJoy the way a guest does.

Then you can order something, submit a special request, leave post-stay feedback, and see if everything is working the way you expect it would.

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