Many of these settings are one-time, and others you might change from time to time.

Settings tab

Concierge theme colour

This determines the accent colour that will be used in the Concierge:

You can also select a custom colour, or add your corporate colour's hexadecimal code with the selector at the end:

Tip: Avoid very light colours, as the text in the areas where this colour will appear is white!

Concierge items active

Allows you to control which items in the Concierge are visible.

About Chat: The default behaviour for this option is that it will open your property's Facebook chat, ready for the guest to send you a message. It is also possible for this to open other messaging services, such as WhatsApp; please contact support if you'd like this set up for your property.


Viator shows activities from TripAdvisor in the area around your property:

If guests are interested and click Read more, there is further information about the activity, and a link to then open the activity in TripAdvisor and book it.

If you have a Tourdesk account, use that option instead. You will need enter your Tourdesk API key, and then Tourdesk activities will be visible in the Concierge:

Guest name

Allows you to choose how a guest's name appears in the Concierge welcome text:

Change header image
This is where you can change the image that is used in the background of the welcome text in the Concierge.
This image should be high resolution; 1920px wide as a minimum, if possible.

Tips about your header image

  • Your header image should be a "wide" image, instead of a "tall" one, as the image is cropped dynamically based on the user's screen resolution
  • If possible, why not change your header image depending on the time of year? For example, you might want to have a more festive image of your property in December

Order confirmation tab

This is where you can modify the text that appears in the emails sent to your guest after they order anything from the Concierge:

In the image above, the highlighted text is what you are able to modify (as well as the subject line):

  1. Remember to add the text in all languages active in your system
  2. The subject line of the email
  3. The content of the email
  4. Save changes when you're done

Recommended: In your email text, state that the guest's order is only guaranteed once you confirm it with them. This is particularly important for offers that rely on availability, such as upgrades, late checkout, etc.

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