SARS? H1N1? COVID-19? There are many things that might make guests worried when staying in your hotel.

There are simple steps that you can take to reassure your guests that they have nothing to worry about when staying at your property.

This advice is based on the recommendations that the World Health Organisation has published for individual safety against the transmission of infectious diseases.

Hand sanitiser stations

Invest in hand sanitiser stations, and have them placed in the common areas of your property, for example lobby, front desk, restaurant, bar, lift areas, etc. 

Encourage your staff to use them, which will help reassure guests when they see them do so.

Educate your staff

Remind your staff of infection control measures that they should be aware of. Teach them how to address the specific concerns that guests are likely to have during this time. A little knowledge goes a long way!

Promote responsible practices

Consider adding some information to your in-room compendium regarding responsible practices that help prevent the spread of infections.

This includes encouraging guests to use the vampire cough technique, avoiding touching your face, and avoiding physical contact greetings like handshakes.

Consider visible signage

Let your guests know that despite the risk level in the area (for most of us, it will be low!), your hotel is taking extra precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay, and list the steps you are taking.

Such signage could be displayed at your front desk.

Communicate with your guests

This is the most crucial element to assure your guests are confident. Reach out to guests ahead of their stay and tell them what you're - don't let them draw their own conclusions!

Check out this article that describes how we recommend you be proactive in your communication with your guests.

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