GuestJoy's primary review platform is TripAdvisor, however, we understand that the focus for some hotels is different.

Follow these simple steps to send guests to Google Reviews instead of TripAdvisor!

Step One
Go to Feedback > Settings

Step Two
Uncheck the "Review widget" option. A new text box will appear - in fact, one for each active language in the system. It is into this/these box(es) we must enter the link to Google Reviews.

Step Three
In the first text box, paste the following URL:

Step Four
Click the Edit button of your Google review Source:

Step Five
Copy the Identifier and click Cancel:

Step Six
Paste the identifier text to the end of the URL. Click the Save changes button in the top right, and you're done!

Notes on this process

  • If you have more than one language active, just paste the same URL in each box. Google changes the language displayed when a guest visits the review page 👍
  • At this stage, we do not have the ability to track whether or not the guest actually completes a review on Google, so please keep that in mind.
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