When a guest books their stay via Expedia, they have two options for paying for their booking.

If the guest opts to pay for their stay at your property, then we receive their personal email address in their reservation.

But if the guest pays directly via Expedia, then Expedia uses a masked email address (eg. 7dn0rm8ctn@m.expediapartnercentral.com) in the guest's reservation. By default, Expedia will not allow a service like GuestJoy to send emails to these guests.

But if you follow these simple steps, you can ensure that GuestJoy emails will reach your guests.

Step 1
Log-into your Expedia Partner Central

Step 2
Click on Guest Relations

Step 3
Click on Message Centre

Step 4
Click on Settings

Step 5
Add the email addresses that your property uses in GuestJoy as Authorised email addresses:

Which email addresses do we mean?
Specifically, the addresses under Settings > Emails:

Please add both email addresses as Authorised email addresses. 

The reason for including the GuestJoy email (whether it is activated or not) is that this is the address that the order confirmation emails are sent from (so when a guest orders something, we send an email to your hotel to let you know about it). 

So, you do not need to activate the GuestJoy email address if it isn't currently in use, but please still add it to the Expedia authorised address list.

Step 6
Please also add notifications@guestjoy.com as an authorised email address.

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