We've made two changes in the system to try and help prevent accidental negative ratings by guests in post-stay emails.

Rating scale has been reversed

We have reversed the rating scale in the post-stay email so that 1, the worst rating, is first.

It's quite challenging to find the best combination, given different cultures do their rating scales in different ways 🤔 But we hope that having the scale this way, as well as the "satisfied" and "not satisfied", will help to reduce the number of accidental negative ratings.

Rating is now present on comments/survey page

After giving a negative rating, we now show the rating the guest has left, represented by stars at the top of the comments/survey page (depending on which you use):

The idea being that a guest might notice that they have given a negative score (seeing as the star rating is universally known), and perhaps change it to be positive, as they intended.

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