It is possible to raise your upsell content higher up in upsell emails. For those of you who would rather have it this way, it's very simple to do!

A different way to structure your email

Usually, the structure of your email looks like this:

However, it's easy to change the structure to be like this:

How can this be done? By splitting your email content between the body section and the footer section!

Let's look more closely at the example email:

Note how the initial text is quite short; greeting the guest, and inviting them to check out our upsell offers. Then we have the upsell section, and the rest of the email content comes after the upsell section.

Setting it all up

Now let's look at the email setup in the app:

So there you have it - just by utilising the often-overlooked footer text box, you can easily 'split' your email content and make the upsell section more prominent!

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