When you first load the guest list, it will show you all of your guests arriving from today onward. 

  1. You can search for guests based on their arrival date - this includes past guests. Simply add your desired date range and click the Apply button.
  2. Click on a guest's Name to open their profile.
  3. The first icon is another thing you can click to open the guest's profile. The second icon indicates if the guest has unsubscribed from receiving your emails. If they have unsubscribed, this icon will be red.

More about unsubscribing guests

You can also unsubscribe guests manually. If this is necessary, simply click the unsubscribe icon - it will turn red to indicate that they are now unsubscribed.

You can also undo this by clicking the icon once more, and it will go back to normal.

Do you want to prevent emails from being sent certain people or companies?

You can do so using Global exclusions, which is an option under Scheduled emails.

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