You shouldn't need to visit this page very often, but here is what all of the settings are for!

General property details

This is all the key information about your property.

Name: Your property's name which will appear all throughout GuestJoy, including your scheduled emails.

Address: Your property's address. Make sure that if you search for this address on Google, the map of your property appears.

Facebook page: This setting is needed if you have activated the Chat function on the Concierge.

Webpage: Your property's public website address.


Date / Time formats: This will change the way the dates and times are displayed in the Concierge, as well as when you automatically populate this data in any of your emails.

Timezone: Your property's timezone - this setting is very important for the sending of scheduled emails, so please make sure this is correct!


This is where you can control which languages are active. Note that on the right hand side, you need to designate the Default language. This is the text we will show a guest if they:

  • Speak a language which is not currently active, or,
  • We cannot detect the guest's language.

Click here to learn how GuestJoy determines which language to show your guest.

Click here to read what we recommend you do before activating a new language.

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