The most important setting on this page is the Hotel email address:

This setting has two purposes.

First, this is the address to which GuestJoy will send emails when a guest places an order, submits a special request, sends check-in information, etc.

If you want these emails to be sent to different addresses, you can add the address(es) in the Notification section below:

You can have multiple email addresses in those fields, if required. Just separate each one with a comma (no spaces).

The second purpose of the Hotel email address field is if you want GuestJoy to use that address as the "From" address when sending emails to your guests.

To the right of the Hotel email address field, you will see this one:

This is the default email address that is used in your GuestJoy system for sending emails. However, should you wish to use your hotel's email address, it will first need to be verified, so that emails are not marked as suspicious/spam.

To verify your hotel's email address, you will see a button labelled Send verification email under the Hotel email address field:

Click the button, and the email will be sent; it should usually arrive in less than 5 minutes. Please check your spam folder if the email doesn't seem to arrive.

After you send the verification email, the setting will look like this:

The GuestJoy email address will still be used until the email address is verified.

You will receive an email from Amazon Web Services:

 All you need to do is click the link in the email, as highlighted, and you're done!

The the settings field will then look like this:

Emails sent to your guests will now completely appear to have been sent from your hotel's email address.

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