What is the Survey page for?

The Survey page has two purposes.

First, it enables you to control which post-stay ratings which will ask for direct feedback from guests before sending them to TripAdvisor (or other platforms).

The second thing the survey page enables you do to is let you determine what the guest should see when they give you a negative post-stay rating.

Determining what happens when ratings are given

The default setting is Show for 3 and below, which means that if the guest gives a rating of 1, 2, or 3, they will be asked for their feedback before being redirected to TripAdvisor. Guests who give a rating of 4 or 5 will be sent directly to TripAdvisor.

You can change this setting so that:
•  Guests who give ratings 1 to 4 will be asked for their feedback before being redirected to TripAdvisor, and thus only guests who give a rating of 5 are immediately redirected to TripAdvisor
•  All ratings (1 to 5) stay in GuestJoy, and thus no post-stay ratings are redirected to TripAdvisor
•  All post-stay ratings (1 to 5) are redirected to TripAdvisor

What will a guest see when they give a negative rating?

When a guest gives you a negative post-stay rating, by default, they will see the concierge page where they are invited to leave comments about their stay:

When the guest submits their feedback, and email will be sent to designated address(es) at your property. All feedback can be seen by going to Guest activity > Feedback.

The alternative: Create your own guest survey

If you would prefer to get feedback about all the parts of the guest's experience, you could instead create your own survey for them to complete.

You can add:

Satisfaction rating questions

Pre-defined answer questions

Short free text questions

Long free text questions

How to create a survey

You can see how to create a guest survey in the next article!

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