The Reviews page provides you with one stream featuring all your reviews from the platforms you wish to monitor.

  1. Your reviews, with the most recent one first
  2. Each review has a Go to review button, which opens the platform it was submitted on. Depending on the platform, there will be different options available when you visit each site.
  3. As GuestJoy is an official TripAdvisor partner, you can click the Reply link and (provided you are logged in to your property's TripAdvisor account) you will be able to reply to the review in TripAdvisor.
  4. When you see the Collected by GuestJoy indicator, you know that the review was collected from when a guest rated their stay positively from a GuestJoy email. When this text is not shown, you know that the the review was submitted directly to TripAdvisor, or potentially another service similar to GuestJoy.
  5. If you only want to view reviews from certain platforms, you can check or uncheck the boxes as desired, then click Apply to refresh the list of reviews.
  6. By default, you can see all reviews available, with the most recent reviews first (by platform). However, if you only wanted reviews from a certain period of time, you can filter your reviews by adding your desired date range, and click the Apply button to see only those reviews.
  7. You can Export your most 100 recent reviews.

Note: You can change the source websites for review data by going to Reputation > Settings.

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