GustJoy helps you turn guest communication into revenue and positive reviews. Offer room upgrades, make targeted offers and drive positive reviews online with a single solution.

GuestJoy lets you communicate with your guests at all stages of their experience with your hotel. 

Before arrival: Let the customer journey start with a personal touch. Send out welcome messages and see if you can be of assistance. It’s also a perfect time to offer room upgrades and additional services, rather than doing it from a busy front desk.

During stay*: Connect with your guests via mobile concierge during their stay. Be available for special requests and offer services they cannot resist. Ask them for real-time feedback and solve any occurring issues on the spot.

After stay*: Be nice - never let the guests just walk away. Ask how they enjoyed their stay and what could be improved. Encourage happy guests to post reviews on the world’s biggest websites. You’ll soon see your ratings skyrocket, and new customers will be more likely to book a stay with you.

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How can I sign up for GuestJoy with a CloudBeds integration?

It's really easy. Sign up in the CloudBeds Marketplace, and your GuestJoy account will be created in a matter of seconds. You can then start customising it however you want.

How do I connect GuestJoy to CloudBeds?

You don't need to! If you are an existing CloudBeds customer and sign up for GuestJoy via the Marketplace, your GuestJoy account will already be connected to your CloudBeds account. Guest reservation data will soon appear under the Guests > Guest List menu option:

What does the integration between GuestJoy and CloudBeds allow me to do?

The integration enables all of your reservation data from CloudBeds will be available in GuestJoy. This means that you can communicate with as many guests as possible! Also, whenever you update reservations in CloudBeds, those changes will also filter through to GuestJoy - no need to update data in more than one system.

Are there any limitations I need to know about?

During the trial period, some features may have limited availability. Features marked with an asterisk in the descriptions at the top of this page may have limited or no availability after the trial period. To continue using the full extent of these features, please contact our support team. 'Before arrival' functionality is fully functional both during and after the trial period.

How do I disconnect the apps?

Apps can always be disconnected from your Cloudbeds account through myfrontdesk.

What if I'm having trouble setting up my GuestJoy account?

GuestJoy is a customer-centric company, and we want you to have the best experience possible to ensure that the system is successful at your hotel.

Take advantage of the following resources to help you during the setup process:

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