It is important to note that when you create an offer, it will be visible to all of your guests.

But sometimes that isn't quite enough!

Why show your Breakfast Buffet offer to guests who took a room that included breakfast? 

If a reservation includes only adults, why would we want to show them offers targeted at families?

How do you ensure that your room upgrades are only visible by guests staying in certain room types?

The answer is to show offers to the right guests using the available Segmentation options that your PMS provides.

Open an offer in the app from Upsell > Offers or Room Upgrades and then navigate to the Segments tab:

Here you will see the available segmentation options, which are based on the information that GuestJoy receives from your PMS (so yours might not look like this example):

When adding segmentation options, you'll see that GuestJoy also tells you how many guests are staying with you over the next 28 days who match that option:

Adding multiple segmentation options to an offer

It's important to note that the more segmentation options you add, the smaller the number of guests will be who will be able to see the offer.

Just for an example, let's say we applied the following segmentation options:

Always start with the smallest number. It's the maximum possible number of guests who would be able to see your offer.

Obviously, it's very unlikely that of the 34 guests who speak German, all of them will be in the room type STDD. It's even possible that none of them have that room type.

Think of it like a Venn diagram; the more circles you add, the smaller the area gets:

We'll say that in reality there were 8 guests staying in room type STDD who speak German. Already, that's a very small number!

So be mindful when applying more than one segmentation option to your offers. Also, in future we hope to add a tool that tells you what the result of the options you have selected will be (i.e. the number 8 in the diagram).

In the next article, we'll look at the advanced options you can apply to an offer.

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