What is it?

If your hotel uses the Check-in module, it gives your guests the option of sending their check-in information to you prior to their arrival:

When a guest fills in this form, the data will be sent to your property in an email.

This page allows you to see all the guests who opted to provide that information:

  1. Clicking the Guest's name opens their profile for that stay, where you can view the information they provided you

  2. The credit card icon is shown if a guest provided you with their credit card details when completing the form (if in use at your property)

  3. Mouseover a row and you will see an Open PDF button - which generates a fully formatted PDF of the guest's check-in form. This can be useful if you must keep a paper-based record of check-in forms, or if guests need to physically sign the form upon arrival

  4. You can export the list of guests who completed the check-in form to an Excel spreadsheet

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