What is it?

This page contains all the orders placed by your guests, with the most recent order displayed first. It's where you can keep track of which orders need to be followed up on.

What happens when a guest orders something

When a guest orders something from your Concierge, they will receive an email confirming their order has been received (not that it is confirmed):

The same email will also be sent to your property. The address to which the order email is sent will vary depending on your configuration of GuestJoy.

What to do when an order arrives

A staff member will see the order email. By navigating to Guest Activity > Orders, the staff member can see the order:

The staff member needs to then determine if the order can be fulfilled. For example, a guest may have ordered late checkout. A staff member needs to check if the property has the availability to provide the guest with late checkout, and then change the status of the order accordingly.

If we were able to fulfil the order, click the Confirm button

If we were not able to fulfil the order (eg. we were fully booked and could provide the late checkout), click the Cancel button.

What happens when the status of an order is changed?

A notification email will be sent to the guest, informing them that their request was either confirmed or cancelled:

What if you want to contact the guest?

We recommend replying to guest requests, and it's really easy to do so. Simply reply to the order request email, as this email will go directly back to your guest.

What else does the staff member need to do?

  • If we have a 1-way integration with your PMS, a staff member will need to add the expense to the guest account (the same as if they had phoned reception and ordered something verbally).

  • If we have a 2-way integration with your PMS, the order will automatically added to the guest's account in the PMS when you confirm it in GuestJoy.

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