What is it?

The Concierge tab provides you with several charts to measure the activities that have occurred over time.

Concierge visits chart

This chart shows you the total number of visits to your Concierge either daily, weekly, or monthly.

Offer view statistics

This chart shows the number of guests who clicked at least one offer compared to the total offer views either daily, weekly, or monthly. 

More green means more guests are viewing multiple offers when they visit the Concierge (this is good!).

Less green means that fewer guests are viewing more than one offer (this is not so good - guests aren't browsing the Concierge so much).

No green at all would suggest for every visit to the Concierge by a guest, they only view one offer (not likely).

Orders chart

This chart shows you the number of orders placed per day, week, or month.

Concierge performance chart

This chart shows the percentage of your guests who visit the Concierge and subsequently order something, compared to the average for all GuestJoy hotels. It also shows you the percentage of guests who scrolled the Concierge page (potentially indicating they look at the content as opposed to just immediately closing the page). The data can be viewed daily, weekly, or monthly.

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