Sometimes, you need greater control about when an offer is available, or want to execute more advanced workflows. GuestJoy has some additional features that can assist you in fine-tuning the behaviour of your offers.

Open an offer in the app from Concierge > Offers or Concierge > Room upgrades, and then navigate to the Advanced tab:

What functionality is available under the Advanced tab?

Select weekdays

If you don't want this offer to be available 7 days a week, you can control which days of the week it is visible to guests.

Offer active from/to

This allows you to control the visibility of the offer based on a date range. This is great if you want to setup seasonal or holiday offers, or special promotions that are only available for a certain amount of time.

By default, these two fields are empty, which means that the offer is permanently visible.

Order request email

When a guest makes an order, the default behaviour is that your property will be informed by email. The email will be sent to the main hotel email address, which is defined by you under Settings > Emails:

This setting allows you to make an exception, and have the email sent to another address.

A common use case for this setting can be an offer in your restaurant. Perhaps, rather than the booking going to the reception desk, you would prefer the booking to go to the restaurant email address.

In that case, simply add the desired email address to this field:

If you do this, then the main hotel email address will not receive the order request email.

If you want the email to be sent to both addresses, you can simply add subsequent email addresses, separated by a comma (no spaces required):

Redirect URL

When a guest places an order, the call to action button changes to say "Sent!", and the email goes to the guest and the hotel. The guest can then continue to browse the Concierge page.

In some situations, you might want the guest to be able to see further information about what they just ordered.

Let's suppose that you have an offer; something like "Book dinner at our restaurant and receive the first glass of wine for each guest free!".

After clicking the order button, you could then redirect the guest's browser to visit your hotel restaurant's page on your site, so for example they can see the menu or check out the photos.

To achieve this, simply enter the URL of the site you want the guest to be sent to after placing an order:


Allows you to further control where an offer should appear.

  • Pre-arrival email: The offer will only be visible in the Concierge when the guest visits after clicking on a link in a pre-arrival email.
  • Wifi: The offer will only be visible when guests visit the Concierge after being redirected from the hotel's WiFi login.

In the next article, we're going to look at some general information on managing your offers.

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