Adding questions to your offer allows you to calculate the correct price, and ensure you have all the information you require in order to fulfil a guest's order - or even to determine if it's possible to fulfil it at all.

Open an offer in the app from Concierge > Offers or Concierge > Room upgrades, and then navigate to the Offer questions tab:

The available questions are as follows:

Choose quantity (changes total price)
Usually used for products, for example bottle of wine.

Number of persons (does not change total price i.e. taxi)
Use this question when the price is fixed and the number of persons won't change the price.

Number of persons (changes total price)
Use this question when the number of people will change the total price, for example number of people who want breakfast, number of people to join a tour, etc.

Children (changes total price)
If you added a price for children in the General tab, make sure to turn on this question to determine how many children, and thus help calculate the correct price.

Number of days (changes total price)
Allows the guest to select on how many days they want to have this product or service; for example, how many days the guest wants to have breakfast during their stay.

Select date
Allows the guest to choose one specific date for this product or service. Guests can only choose dates when they are staying at your property.

Choose time
Lets the guest select their preferred time to receive this product or service, in 15 minute increments across the entire 24 hours.

Arrival time
Allows the guest to let you know their expected arrival time. Useful for offers for things such as bottle of chilled wine in room on arrival, early check-in, flight arrival time for airport transfers, etc.

Departure time
Allows the guest to let you know their expected departure time. Useful for offers for things such as airport transfers, luggage storage, etc.

Select preferred time
Gives the guest the choice between morning, afternoon, and evening. You can then further narrow down the exact time by contacting the guest.

This gives the guest a free text field where they can provide you with further information, or even ask questions. For example, a guest might ask what your vegan-friendly options are at the breakfast buffet.

Lets the guest provide you with a contact number. Useful for things like airport transfers, tours, etc.

Car no.
Allows the guest to provide you with their vehicle's registration number, which can be required if allocating a guest a spot in your car park.

Flight no.
Guests can provide their flight number which is often used by your transfer partners when picking up a guest at an airport.

Recommendations for offer questions

  • We recommend enabling the Remarks question in almost all circumstances, so that the guest can ask any questions they may have, or provide you with further useful information

  • Do not use Choose time and Preferred time in the same offer

  • Do not use Select date and Number of days in the same offer

  • Only ever use one time question in an offer

In the next article, we will look at controlling who should see your offers using Segments.

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