Let's start by navigating to Concierge > Offers. You will see your list of existing offers; in the top right corner, click the Add new button to begin:

We show you some template offers which you can use as a starting point for your own offers, but for this example we're going to start from scratch by clicking the blue Add completely new button:

For this example, we're going to add an offer for a hotel restaurant.

Now let's look at each setting and what they do.

  1. Choose the Language you wish to modify. You'll need to provide translations for each active language you have in GuestJoy.

  2. Enter the name of the offer.

  3. Write your wonderful offer description. There are some editing tools available, including text formatting; numbered and bulleted lists, text indenting, and adding links.

  4. Here is where you add your offer image. Make sure it's of good quality, and try to make sure the resolution is at least 500px. Note that when you add your image, the system will ask you to crop it into a square shape, so you don't need to provide your image in a square shape initially.

  5. Select which category this offer belongs to. These are the used in GuestJoy's statistics.

  6. Here, you can choose the call to action (CTA). Different CTAs can be used for different purposes; for example, when adding a room upgrade, it is better to use "Send an enquiry", because there is no guarantee that there will be a room available.

  7. Add the price for this product or service.

  8. If appropriate, you can add a separate price for children.

  9. You can use a discounted price to attract more attention to your offer (note that if you add a discounted price and mark the offer as most popular, only one badge will be displayed, and the discount percentage takes precedence over most popular). GuestJoy automatically calculates the discount percentage, and displays the original price:

10. Add the "Most popular" badge to the offer. Make sure you only select a few of your offers as most popular, otherwise the badge loses its impact! Also, note that an offer cannot have both "Most popular" and "Discount price" at the same time. If you have a discounted price and marked the offer as most popular, we give priority to the discount instead of most popular.

Once you're done, click Save. You can then open the Concierge page to check how your offer looks:

It's looking good so far, but the next thing we need to do is think about what questions we need to ask of our guest, so that we have all the information we need.

In this restaurant example, we might need to ask:

  • How many people want to have the dinner?

  • On which day do they want to make the booking?

  • What time do they want to book it for?

And so on.

In the next article, we'll look at Offer Questions.

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