Getting upsell right for your property is essential to ensuring you can maximise the potential extra revenue from each guest's stay. In this article, we'll take you through all the most important functionality for setting up offers and room upgrades.

Ensure you are presenting offers that your guests want

Knowing the demographics of the guests who stay with you is just as important as how to set up offers.

You know the types of guests who stay at your hotel better than anyone, so put yourself in their shoes: What would be appealing to each type of guest? What are you realistically able to provide?

Obviously, this is part of a wider conversation, but once you have decided on the various services and products to offer your guests, you can start adding them to GuestJoy.

What offers look like

We just want to quickly show you each part of an offer, so that we can explain the functionality more clearly:

  1. Offer image. Ensure the image you use is of good quality!

  2. The name of the offer. Try to make it interesting where possible.

  3. The offer description. As with the name, write an interesting description that helps sell the offer.

  4. The price of the offer. Note that where necessary, you can also have a separate price for children where applicable; for example restaurant offers.

  5. Offer questions. For each offer you present, you will need to think about which questions you will need to ask the guest to ensure you have all the information you need.

  6. The call to action button. There are several available options.

In the next article, we look at adding a new offer to your Concierge.

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